Play Grounds

School has a huge campus of 5 Acres. It has a facility of different outdoor and indoor games. Separate play grounds and courts for Cricket, Football, Kho-Kho, Carom, Chess, Taekwondo, etc are available in the school.

Kids Play Zone

Small kids of Pre-Primary section need more activities. When they enter first in the school then they feel home sickness. To give them home like feelings it is needed to engage them in the activities/games/sports of their choice. We have a well maintained Kids Play Zone in the school. It keeps them happy and energetic throughout the day.


Students are able to physically connect with nutrition education, understand the process of growing healthy foods, and recognize environmental stewardship. Our school garden can also be integrated into many subjects such as math, science, health, literacy and social studies. School gardens can make a direct and immediate improvement in children's diet. They can provide fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, add nutritional value to school meals, increase the variety that is so important for health and growth, and help children to appreciate and enjoy this variety.

Yoga for Students

With yoga helping to improve memory function, its direct impact can also be seen in the child's academic performance. In fact, yoga has also been seen to bring benefits to children suffering from ADHD by reducing its core symptoms such as inattentiveness and hyperactivity. 6 Benefits. Practicing yoga daily in school facilitates improvement in mental, social, and physical wellbeing, minimizing self-destructive behaviours in the classroom and reducing stress among students.