The kindergarten school section of Ananda Marga School consists of Play Group, Nursery and KG and admits children between the age of 2 ½ to 5 ½ years. Our methods enable the children to master skills required to move into the mainstream syllabus. The preschool curriculum is designed to develop the total personality of the child laying equal emphasis on academics as well as physical and creative activity. Teachers are trained to handle a variety of projects which spark the imagination and engage the intellect of every child. Our students are groomed to become self-reliant and responsible individuals.

The core skills that form part of our programme are:

  1. Social Behaviour and Adjustment Qualities.
  2. Self Reliance and Practical Skills
  3. Life Skill.
  4. Gross Motor Skills.
  5. Fine Motor Skills.
  6. Listening &Speaking Skills
  7. Reading Readiness.
  8. Language and Literature
  9. Number Counting Experience.
  10. Desirable Work Habits & Personal Traits
  11. Creative Expression
  12. Rhymes & Music.
  13. Nature Experience and Social Science.
  14. Playing and Games.