Our Mission

We should remember that morality, spirituality, and a happy blending of occidental extroversial science and oriental introversial philosophy is the very foundation of our education."..

1. To further National Integration by introducing a uniform curricula and syllabi and a common medium of instruction for the whole country.
2. To incorporate Non-sectarian and Non-dog-matic moral instruction in Education so as to encourage the advance of universal moral and spiritual values.
3. To give sufficient scientific and technical basis to education so that intellectual and social renaissance of the country may be helped.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing quality education to young minds that encompass not only academic excellence but fosters ethical, social and spiritual awareness. Ananda Marga School understands that its task as a premier school in Durlovpur for boys and girls is to create an environment that nurtures its pupil’s ambitions and abilities where students find their voices, develop their innate talents and learn leadership skills to equip them for their roles as global citizens ready to face the challenges by responding creatively in a world of relentless competitions. To empower our students in an environment of sharing and caring so that they evolve as compassionate, self-reliant and productive citizens, responsive to the rich culture and heritage of our country, inspired to embrace challenges and find joy and self-worth through achievement, academically excelling, holistic individuals with a scientific temper.