Shree Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, born in 1921 at Jamalpur, Bihar, India propounded the Philosophy of Neo-Humanism and the Neo-Humanist Education for the holistic development of a child and the total unfoldment of human personality. He had realised the root cause of human misery that human intellect must be guided on the path of collective wellbeing free from all narrowness and dogma. Inspired by his philosophy hundreds of schools have been running over 160 countries of the world to fulfil his 'man-making mission' well appreciated by parents, public and intelligentsia. He was not only an uncommon Educationist but a Renaissance man. His contributions are immense for the progress and prosperity of the human society in all walks of life. For a society free from all kinds of exploitation and the economic liberation he gave the philosophy of Progressive Utilisation Theory (PROUT), for the socio-sentimental liberation he gave Neo-Humanism i.e. Love, Respect and Care for all, for psycho-spiritual emancipation, he gave Rajadhiraja Yoga also known as Tantra Yoga. Apart from this, his contributions in the field of literature, art, music, science, ecology, history, philology, yogic health etc. are epoch-making and unique.